Summer GCSE Revision Courses

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If you’re looking for a productive head start into Year 11, our GCSE summer revision courses are just the ticket. With the friendly guidance of our subject-specific teachers, you’ll recap all the material from your Year 10 lessons, refreshing your knowledge and strengthening any weaker areas. Held entirely online, these courses will ensure you feel ready and confident to tackle the final year of your GCSEs.

Summer GCSE Revision Courses

Our Summer GCSE Revision Courses

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Biology Summer Refresher Course

  • Dates TBC
  • Level GCSE
  • GCSE LevelHigher
  • Times 9:30am – 4:30pm
  • Price £165

These two-day courses will give students going into Year 11 a great head start for the year ahead.

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Summer GCSE Refresher Course Resources

Students are provided with high-quality, comprehensive, and original learning materials to support them beyond our summer GCSE refresher courses.

Interactive Workbooks

Interactive Workbooks

Break down your revision topics into easy-to-digest chunks with our interactive workbooks

Past Paper Questions

Past Paper Questions

Gauge your strengths and identify the areas that need improvement with past exam papers

Printed Booklets

Printed Booklets

Take your revision with you, even offline, with our professionally printed revision booklets

Course Recordings

Course Recordings

Our online lessons are recorded, meaning you can watch them back for a recap whenever you need

Meet Our Course Tutors

Our course tutors are personally interviewed and hand-picked by senior members of our team. With extensive teaching experience at some of the finest schools in the country, their in-depth subject expertise will help everything slot into place.

El H.

El H.


El earned her BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Wolverhampton. After setting her sights on becoming a teacher, she completed her PGCE in Secondary Sciences at the University of Reading during the height of the pandemic lockdowns. Due to remote schooling being at its peak, El quickly adapted and developed her skills as an online tutor.

While her degree is in biochemistry, El has had a particular passion for physics since taking it for her A Levels. El has worked with the Institute of Physics and Kings College to further her physics, and now works as the Head of Physics at a successful school in Hampshire. El has over 4 years of teaching experience and over 6 years of tutoring experience in all three science up to A level, with a track record of helping her students achieve good results.

When El isn’t teaching or tutoring, she’s kept busy by her range of animals including chickens, ducks and horses.

If you would like 1-2-1 tuition with El you can find her profile on our tuition platform.

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Tania D.

Tania D.


Tania earned her BSc in Mathematics and Management from Loughborough University in 2007. After graduating, she went immediately into teaching while also studying for her GTP qualification in Secondary Maths at the University of Wolverhampton.

Today Tania is an accomplished teacher. She’s worked at Bromley High School for most of the past 15 years with a stint abroad at Harrow Bangkok and a year at Whitgift School, Croydon. She has experience teaching key stages 3 to 5 and takes satisfaction in seeing her students progress onto A Level and beyond. Tania enjoys building a rapport with her students, nurturing those penny-drop moments, supporting them through learning pits and seeing them develop an enthusiasm for maths.

If you would like 1-2-1 tuition with Tania you can find her profile on our tuition platform.

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Andreas B.

Andreas B.


Andreas is in his fifth year studying medicine at University College London. He did an intercalated bachelor’s in his third year and therefore holds a first class degree in Medical Sciences with Mathematics and Computing. Before studying medicine, he took a year out to tutor GCSE and A Level students full-time. He still loves to support others embarking on their own academic journeys, whether they need comprehensive tuition, coaching on their exam technique, or preparation for university interviews.

A popular tutor thanks to his warm and approachable personality, Andreas’ ethos is that top grades are made outside the classroom and that learning at home is key. He tailors his approach to the individual needs of each student, using effective tried-and-tested teaching methods to keep lessons fun, engaging and productive. Each lesson he delivers is built around the specific requirements of exam boards, meaning there’s always a focus on maximising marks.

If you would like 1-2-1 tuition with Andreas you can find his profile on our tuition platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Please get in touch with our friendly team!

Are the GCSE summer revision courses exam board specific?

No, our GCSE summer refresher courses cater to all GCSE students and are not restricted to any exam board.

How do the online GCSE summer revision courses work?

Our online GCSE summer revision courses take place via Google Classroom. The day before the course begins, students will receive a link to the Classroom, where they will find digital copies of all the learning resources they require. Lessons are recorded and saved in the Classroom for students to revisit whenever they wish.

Why should I book a summer GCSE revision course?

Our GCSE summer courses are designed to provide a boost for students entering Year 11. These courses review Year 10 content, refreshing knowledge of material that may have been forgotten over the break. Students will leave with a solid foundation to build on for their final year of GCSEs.

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