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At PMT Courses, our experienced teachers are committed to helping students achieve the grades they deserve. Our GCSE Geography courses provide comprehensive guidance through the course content, accompanied by tailor-made materials. Tutors also focus on honing exam techniques through extensive practice with past paper questions.

Geography GCSE Revision Courses

Our GCSE Geography CoursesOur GCSE Geography Courses



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Geography Easter Crash Course

  • Dates TBC
  • Level GCSE
  • GCSE LevelHigher
  • Times 9:30am – 4:30pm
  • Price £165

These intensive two-day crash courses will kick-start revision for Year 11 students.

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Example Topics

Navigating the vast array of facts and case studies required for your AQA Geography GCSE can be daunting, but worry not—we’re here to ensure you’re well-prepared. Our GCSE Geography revision courses align seamlessly with the AQA (9-1) specifications, ensuring you’re thoroughly equipped for success when the exam day arrives.

Course content may include:

  • Climate Change and Global Warming – causes and effects of climate change, strategies for mitigating the impact of global warming
  • Urbanisation and Urban Development – patterns of urbanisation and its impact on cities, urban development strategies and challenges
  • Tectonic Hazards – causes and consequences of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, how communities can prepare for and respond to tectonic hazards
  • Rivers and Flooding – processes of river erosion, transportation, and deposition, factors contributing to flooding and strategies for flood management
  • Coastal Landscapes – coastal landforms and processes, such as erosion and deposition, the impact of human activities on coastal environments
  • Population Dynamics – population growth, distribution, and migration patterns, the social, economic, and environmental implications of population change
  • Economic Activities and Development – the different sectors of the economy (primary, secondary, tertiary), disparities in development and strategies for sustainable development
  • Ecosystems and Biomes – different ecosystems and biomes, human impact on biodiversity and conservation efforts

Course Resources

As well as professional tuition, you will receive a list of supportive resources to supplement your learning.

Interactive Workbooks

Interactive Workbooks

Put your knowledge and exam technique to the test with past paper questions.

Past Paper Questions

Past Paper Questions

Practise what you’ve learnt with past exam questions, to gauge your strengths and see where you need to improve.

Printed Booklets

Printed Booklets

Our beautifully printed revision booklets are perfect for when you want to take your revision offline.

Course Recordings

Course Recordings

Your online lessons are recorded, allowing you to dive back in for a refresher, whenever you want.

Learn Online

Our online revision courses take place within Google Classroom, keeping everything organised in one convenient hub. From here, you’ll be able to access digital copies of our bespoke course resources and join the live lessons. All our lessons are recorded and saved in the classroom allowing you to watch them back for a recap whenever you like. Any resources your tutor uses can also be added to the classroom for you to use for your revision.

The live lessons take place using Google Meet. During the lessons, our tutors use the latest iPads and touch screen devices to replicate a real classroom environment. They can use teaching aids such as Powerpoints and a high-quality online whiteboard. Students can interact throughout the course using their microphones and the chat function.

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Meet Our Course Tutors

We work with top-tier tutors and teachers who were chosen for their academic credentials and innovative teaching styles.

Adam H.

Adam H.


With a BSc (Hons) in Physical Geography and over eight years of professional teaching experience, Adam brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his courses. Having taught in schools across the UK and Dubai, as well as serving as an examiner for major exam boards at GCSE, A Level, and IB, Adam offers a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum and assessment processes. Alongside teaching in a school, he’s an experienced private tutor.

Adam’s teaching philosophy revolves around a patient, personable, and hands-on approach. He emphasises the importance of exam technique, guiding students through strategies that not only enhance their understanding of the subject matter but also empower them to excel in examinations. Adam’s rigorous style ensures that sessions cover a wide breadth of content, with a focus on applying knowledge to tackle exam questions effectively.

If you would like 1-2-1 tuition with Adam you can find his profile on our tuition platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Please get in touch with our friendly team!

When will I receive the Google Classroom link for my Geography GCSE revision course?

Your Google Classroom link will go to the email address you registered with the day before your course starts. Sometimes these emails go to your junk mail so please check there before contacting us if you haven’t received it.

Are the GCSE Geography revision courses exam board specific?

Yes, the majority of our courses are exam board specific. This means you’ll only be learning material tailored to what you need to know for your exams. We currently run GCSE Geography courses for AQA. The exam boards catered to will be specified on the course booking pages.

When will my printed GCSE Geography revision course handouts arrive?

You can expect to receive physical copies of the handouts 3-5 days before the start of your course. Please ensure that you book before the printing deadline in order to receive your handouts.

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