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Course Description

This two-day course covers the topics that students need to know for the PAT, focusing on areas that would not normally be covered at school by the date of the exam.

As the PAT questions differ in style from A-level questions, this course aims to help students learn the types of questions asked and show students how to answer them in the most efficient way.

Our course tutor Görkem has over 9 years’ experience preparing students for the PAT. His accessible teaching style means tricky topics can be mastered with ease and students will leave the course with the confidence to tackle questions independently.

Structure of the Day

Time 8:00am - 5:00pm

Classes are from 9am to 5.30pm. Registration starts from 8.45am.

There will be a 1 hour lunch break and a couple of 10 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon.


Session 1
Mechanics - Kinematics: Projectiles, graphs; Dynamics: Forces, Newton’s Laws, connected particles, momentum; Circular motion; Gravitation and orbits; Springs ;Work, energy and power; Pulleys
Session 2
The solar system, phases of the moon and eclipses
Session 3
Circuits - Basic circuit properties; Resistance combinations; Power in circuits; Thermistors and LDRs in potential dividers; Diodes and capacitors
Session 4
Waves - Wave properties and equations; Electromagnetic spectrum; Diffraction and interference
Session 5
Optics - Reflection at plane mirrors; Refraction including prisms and total internal reflection
Session 6
Electric & Magnetic fields - Coulomb’s Law; Photoelectric Effect; Charged particles in fields; Transformers


Our Tutors

Our tutors’ enthusiastic and accessible teaching styles enable students to feel able to ask questions and interact in discussions. Our tutors receive consistently good feedback from students. Their expert knowledge and fresh teaching approach will help everything click into place.

Görkem Çavlı

Görkem Çavlı

Görkem achieved his BA in Physics from Magdalen College, Oxford University, in 2011 before earning his QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) from King’s College London in 2012. Teaching has long been a passion of his. In his teenage years, he worked as a tennis coach, and in 2010, while still an undergraduate student, he began tutoring students in his spare time. In 2013 while working as a full-time physics and maths tutor, he established the Physics & Maths Tutor website (PMT), which he steadily grew over the next few years, alongside his teaching career.

These days Görkem primary focuses on running PMT Education rather than tutoring, however, he still teaches the PAT course online and in person, preparing students for university admission. Outside of his busy work schedule, Görkem enjoys quality wine (when his co-workers can actually lure him from the office) and destressing at the gym each morning before work – a habit he shamelessly flaunts to his colleagues, who find evening workouts more tolerable. He recently discovered gymnastics rings and is currently working to make his ‘skin the cat’ look more graceful.

£245 / per person
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PAT Online £245.00 (GBP)  

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do your online PAT revision courses work?

Our online revision courses take place within Google Classroom, keeping everything organised in one convenient hub. From here, you’ll be able to access our bespoke course resources and join the live lessons which take place on Google Meet.

Students can interact with the teacher using their microphone or the chat feature.

All sessions are recorded. The lesson recordings are uploaded after each day, allowing you to watch them back for a recap whenever you like.

When will I receive the Google Classroom link for my online revision course?

You should receive your Google Classroom link via email the day before your course starts. Sometimes these emails go to the junk folder so check there before contacting us if you haven’t received it.

When will I receive my revision course handouts?

You will receive physical copies of the handouts 3-5 days before the start of your online course, as long as you book with us before the printing deadline. You can find the printing deadline in the course summary box on each booking page.

Please note: we can only send printed handouts to students in the UK. 

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