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PMT Education is a non-profit education platform for students and teachers. We create free tools and resources to help GCSE and A Level students pass their exams and navigate their path through education.

We’re a non-profit that’s accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds

The idea started in 2014, when Görkem was working as a maths and physics tutor while studying at university. After graduating, he launched the Physics & Maths Tutor website to share his revision materials and past paper solutions with his students. As the word spread, he began recruiting other like-minded resource creators and tutors to expand the range of subjects and started offering revision courses.

PMT Education was established as a non-profit organisation in 2019. Today, PMT Education is used across UK schools and recommended by teachers as a trusted resource for their students.

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PMT provides advice and resources to students, parents, and teachers.

Our mission is to keep the playing field level

For every parent who can afford to help their child get a better grade, there’s a parent who can’t.

We’re one of the few non-profit education platforms in the UK dedicated to creating free resources that benefit both students in the exam hall and teachers in the classroom. If school is open to anyone, then the tools that help students pass their exams should be too. At PMT Education, we’re not here to nurture a business – we’re here to nurture students.

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Meet the Team

Görkem Çavlı

Görkem Çavlı


Görkem achieved his BA in Physics from Magdalen College, Oxford University, in 2011 before earning his QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) from King’s College London in 2012. Teaching has long been a passion of his. In his teenage years, he worked as a tennis coach, and in 2010, while still an undergraduate student, he began tutoring students in his spare time. In 2013 while working as a full-time physics and maths tutor, he established the Physics & Maths Tutor website (PMT), which he steadily grew over the next few years, alongside his tutoring career.

These days Görkem primary focuses on running PMT Education rather than tutoring, however, he still teaches the PAT course online and in person, preparing students for university admission. Outside of his busy work schedule, Görkem enjoys quality wine (when his co-workers can actually lure him from the office) and destressing at the gym each morning before work – a habit he shamelessly flaunts to his colleagues. He recently discovered gymnastics rings and is currently working to make his ‘skin the cat’ look more graceful.

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Honor Bouverie

Honor Bouverie

Course Coordinator

Honor began working for PMT Education while studying at university, initially as a resource creator, before joining us for a summer internship. She became a full-time member of the team shortly after graduating from Loughborough University, where she achieved a first class degree in Mathematics. As well as being a whiz at resource development, her incredible organisation skills means she’s taken over the role of course organiser from Michelle.

Honor earns bonus points in the office by bringing in her spectacular homemade brownies. While we think they’re worthy of the Great British Bake Off, she has no plans to enter the show anytime soon. And we’re very glad – we’ve become quite possessive of them.

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Liam Ellis

Liam Ellis

Admin Assistant

The newest member of the team, Liam’s eagle-eyed attention to detail has made him perfect for the role of admin assistant. Before joining us, he spent four years as a maths tutor and administrator at a tuition centre in London. Alongside teaching groups of students, he gained a lot of experience there organising and invigilating exams for private candidates – an area he’s an expert in now.

When he’s not keeping PMT Education’s Google Drive folders in immaculate order, Liam likes to flex his table tennis skills – even taking on the boss man himself during lunchtime tournaments. He’s partial to a Macchiato and, when not in the office in close proximity to the WeWork barista, can be found honing his coffee making skills in his kitchen. Liam is also a sage for niche tech knowledge: if you want to know why OLED screens are better in night mode, he’s your man.

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Our Ultimate Goal – Beyond Academic Performance

Our ambition isn’t only to help students pass their exams, it’s to help them find their place in the world.

  1. 1. The Role of Education

    In our culture, there’s a bias towards academic performance and traditional professions. We’re taught from a young age that society values doctors and lawyers more than mechanics and plumbers, and that top universities are preferable over regional colleges and apprenticeships.

    We’re used to the idea that good grades equal a good job, which equals financial security. When it comes to charting a path through education, rational thought can often shout louder than our passions.

    At PMT Education, we believe the role of education extends beyond material success.

  2. 2. Our Student First Approach

    Students are more than the sum of their grades. The search for knowledge isn’t limited to textbooks; it’s also an inward journey to help uncover our deeper motivations and interests. Instead of fixating on an arbitrary measure, we help people to light a match under their passions and find direction.

    We introduce them to career options that are way off their radar, and help them navigate the changes from secondary college all the way to the workplace. Although we’re tasked with getting students through their next exam, the reality is that exams are simply a means to an end – a hurdle that stands between them and the next chapter of their lives.

  3. 3. Teaching Self Belief to Overcome Future Challenges

    The ages of 14-18 is a window where our lives can set off in any direction. Beyond the classroom, our greater opportunity is teaching students how to teach themselves. Showing them what they’re capable of gives them the self-belief to overcome future challenges – and helps to shape them into confident adults capable of great things.

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