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We help students pass their exams so they can get one step closer to their dreams

PMT Education is a non-profit education platform for students and teachers. We create free tools and resources to help GCSE and A Level students pass their exams and navigate their path through education.

We’re a non-profit that’s accessible to students of all ages and backgrounds

The idea started in 2014, when Görkem was working as a maths and physics tutor while studying at university. After graduating, he launched the Physics & Maths Tutor website to share his revision materials and past paper solutions with his students. As the word spread, he began recruiting other like-minded resource creators and tutors to expand the range of subjects and started offering revision courses. PMT Education was established as a non-profit organisation in 2019. Today, PMT Education is used across UK schools and recommended by teachers as a trusted resource for their students.

Our mission is to keep the playing field level. For every parent who can afford to help their child get a better grade, there’s a parent who can’t.

We’re one of the few non-profit education platforms in the UK dedicated to creating free resources that benefit both students in the exam hall and teachers in the classroom. If school is open to anyone, then the tools that help students pass their exams should be too. At PMT Education, we’re not here to nurture a business – we’re here to nurture students.

Our ultimate goal – beyond academic performance

Our ambition isn’t only to help students pass their exams, it’s to help them find their place in the world.

1. The role of education

In our culture, there’s a bias towards academic performance and traditional professions. We’re taught from a young age that society values doctors and lawyers more than mechanics and plumbers, and that top universities are preferable over regional colleges and apprenticeships.

We’re used to the idea that good grades equal a good job, which equals financial security. When it comes to charting a path through education, rational thought can often shout louder than our passions.

At PMT Education, we believe the role of education extends beyond material success. 

2. Our student first approach

Students are more than the sum of their grades. The search for knowledge isn’t limited to textbooks; it’s also an inward journey to help uncover our deeper motivations and interests. Instead of fixating on an arbitrary measure, we help people to light a match under their passions and find direction.

We introduce them to career options that are way off their radar, and help them navigate the changes from secondary college all the way to the workplace. Although we’re tasked with getting students through their next exam, the reality is that exams are simply a means to an end – a hurdle that stands between them and the next chapter of their lives.

3. Teaching self-belief to overcome future challenges

The ages of 14-18 is a window where our lives can set off in any direction. Beyond the classroom, our greater opportunity is teaching students how to teach themselves. Showing them what they’re capable of gives them the self-belief to overcome future challenges – and helps to shape them into confident adults capable of great things.

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