We believe that revision resources should be accessible to anyone for free. This means we help students achieve the grades they need to succeed, whatever their ability or background. In fact, this belief is so integral to what we do, that we promise to keep them free – now and always.

Our exam board specific and high-quality revision resources are here to support students throughout their academic journey. Our content spans from GCSE to A-Levels and beyond. We aim to have everything students need to revise all in one place and are continually adding to our selection: Notes, flashcards, videos, questions by topic and more.

Students can be confident that they are only revising content they need for their exams, as our resources are tailored to meet the criteria for individual exam boards. The material is created by hand-picked top students, tutors and teachers who have a deep understanding of the content required for the different exam boards. This means our resources are both accurate and of high quality.

Our University Admissions section is designed to support students with the university application process and includes resources to help students with university entrance exams including PAT, MAT, STEP and Medicine admissions.

We are also developing a Teachers’ Area to support teachers. Our aim is to create a community where teachers can share and access teaching resources for free.

Our resources can be found on Physics & Maths Tutor and TES.