Our philosophy is that all students should receive a quality education, regardless of background. We enable this by providing free GCSE and A-level resources. These resources come in a range of formats: notes, flashcards, videos, mind maps, questions by topic, and more. We also have resources to help students who are sitting university admissions examinations, including PAT, MAT, STEP, ENGAA, NSAA and Medicine. 

Students can be confident when using our resources that they are revising only the content they need, as our resources are exam board-specific. Resources are created by students, tutors and teachers who have a deep understanding of their subject and all resources go through a rigorous checking process prior to publication, ensuring they are both accurate and of high quality. 

We are continually adding to and updating our GCSE, A-level and university admissions resources and promise to keep them free, now and forever. You can find them on Physics & Maths Tutor and TES.