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How do your online courses work?

Our online revision courses take place within Google Classroom, keeping everything organised in one convenient hub. From here, you’ll be able to access digital copies of our bespoke course resources and join the live lessons. All our lessons are recorded and saved in the classroom allowing you to watch them back for a recap whenever you like. Any resources your tutor uses can also be added to the classroom for you to use for your revision. You can find more information about how our online courses work here.

When will my printed handouts arrive?

All our courses are accompanied by high-quality revision material. Our beautifully printed revision booklets are perfect for when you want to take your revision offline. You will receive your printed booklets around 3-5 days before the start of your course.

Please ensure you book before the printing deadline to guarantee you get the booklets before the course starts. You can find the date you need to book by on the course booking page. Any bookings made after the date will be able to access digital copies in the classroom until their printed booklets arrive. Please note: we can only send printed handouts to students in the UK.

My exam board isn’t listed, what can I do?

If your exam board isn’t listed then we’re not running a course for it. However, this doesn’t mean that one of our courses won’t be suitable for you. Get in touch to see if we can suggest a suitable course. If not, we have a number of tutors on our tuition platform who will be able to support you intensively instead.

When will I receive my Google Classroom link?

We email students the link to their Google Classroom the day before their course starts. This gives students time to log into the classroom and familiarise themselves with everything in there. These emails can sometimes go to junk so let us know if you haven’t received it.

Can you help find me a tutor for 1-2-1 sessions?

Yes we can, our tuition platform has a selection of high-caliber tutors who have all been personally interviewed and hand-selected by us. We have tutors to suit a variety of budgets, so there’s a good chance you’ll find the right person for a price you can afford. You can search for tutors using a variety of filters to suit your needs. If you would like help picking a tutor just get in touch.

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