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Andreas B.

University College London (UCL) Medical School - MBBS Medicine

£60/ hour


About Andreas

I am a strong believer that the top grades are made outside of the classroom. Through my own experience as both a tutor and as a student, I have found that what sets apart students who achieve the highest grades is how they learn at home.

I am an experienced and highly motivated tutor in my final year studying Medicine at UCL, with an additional First Class degree in Medical Sciences with Mathematics and Computing, and can provide support to anybody who feels they would benefit from some extra help; whether that be with a subject they are struggling to grasp, or one that they are comfortable with and want to take to the next level. I have been tutoring for the past 6 years and over that time have produced a lot of helpful resources that I use with all my students.

As somebody who has been successful in the current education system, I have become familiar with the most effective ways to learn the course content and, most importantly, how to translate this into answers that gain maximum marks.

In the school classroom, concepts can become clouded by poorly explained jargon and one-size-fits-all teaching methods. My aim is to build upon topics from first principles, so that my students have a genuine understanding that can be applied even to unfamiliar questions. However, learning the content is only one part of the process – the other is showing this to the examiners, and as such my lessons are tailored to the specific exam board that each student is sitting. I teach students using methods tried-and-tested by myself as well as several former tutees, as well as guiding them away from the common mistakes that I have seen others fall into.

I have taught students at every stage from KS2 to A-level, as well as those looking for help with their UCAT and BMAT entrance exams, and interview preparation. I have also worked with Physics and Maths Tutor for a number of years teaching science courses, and if you know anybody who has been on one, there is a good chance I was their teacher! I have been incredibly proud to see several of my students attain excellent grades and gain places at top universities.

Tutoring Style

Over the course of my time tutoring private students and classes for PMT's revision courses, I have received over 150 5-star reviews documented in the feedback forms. I believe that this is because, above all, I understand that it can be draining for students to finish school only to head straight home for another hour or more of teaching, which is why I like my lessons to have an easy-going and relaxed feel. I have always had brilliant relationships with my tutees and look forward to meeting many more!

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