As GCSE and A Level mock exams approach, students often look for effective revision tools that can streamline their study process. Fortunately, in this digital age, there’s an abundance of apps designed to assist in note-taking, flashcard creation, staying focused, and more. Here, we’ve compiled a list of eight essential revision apps that are sure to become invaluable study companions!

1. Best revision app for note-taking: Evernote

Do you ever find yourself drowning in a jumble of class notes and study materials? Enter Evernote, your ultimate solution for organising and managing study materials efficiently!

Evernote keeps all your notes in one place. You can type or hand write notes, insert and annotate diagrams, images, pdfs and web pages, and even add audio recordings. And the best part? Evernote simplifies your search for specific notes with its smart search and tagging functions, allowing you to find what you need, when you need it. Students can access their notes on various devices with Evernote’s syncing feature, whether they’re studying at home or on the go.

Evernote revision app.

Evernote’s smart search feature.

If you’re an avid user of Google Calendar, you can easily connect it with Evernote to help you manage your study schedule alongside your notes. Additionally, students can create and allocate tasks directly within their notes, setting due dates, flags, and reminders to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Evernote is a real game-changer for staying organised while you revise. You can get started with Evernote for free. Eligible students verified through UNiDAYS can also receive 40% off Evernote Professional Annual plan.

2. Best revision app for flashcards: Quizlet

If you’re a student, chances are you’re already familiar with Quizlet.

Quizlet, available on both mobile and desktop, offers a versatile platform to craft interactive flashcards with ease. It’s a game-changer because all your flashcards are readily accessible on your device – you can revise anywhere, anytime, without any hassle.

The platform offers eight different study modes, including matching games and practice tests, enhancing memory retention and aiding in quick review sessions. It analyses your past study behaviour to identify weaknesses, making your study sessions more targeted and effective.

Quizlet also allows students to share their flashcard sets with friends and classmates. So, if you don’t feel like making your own, you can find free flashcard sets created by other students.

The basic Quizlet account is free, but for additional advanced features and ad-free studying, students can upgrade to Quizlet Plus for £6.99 per month (or £31.99 billed annually).

3. Best revision app for mind maps: MindMeister

Mind maps are visual tools that organise information around a central topic, breaking down complex subjects and making them easier to understand. Whether you’re revising the ethical implications of genome engineering or planning an essay on the treatment of Jewish people during Kristallnacht, mind maps help connect ideas and events, and foster a deeper understanding of the relationships between different aspects of a topic.

For visual learners, MindMeister is a fantastic tool for creating and organising dynamic digital mind maps for use on smartphones, tablets, or computers. Students can collaborate with peers in real-time, making it an ideal platform for group study sessions.

MindMeister offers the option to export and print your mind maps. Why not stick them up around your home and use them as a prompt while showering, brushing your teeth, or doing the dishes!

Theory of Evolution mind map created using MindMeister.

Mind map created by Raphaela Brandner using MindMeister.

MindMeister’s ‘Basic’ plan allows you to create up to three mind maps for free and sync mind maps across your devices. For unlimited mind maps and other additional features, eligible students can upgrade to the ‘Edu Personal’ plan for just £2.75 per month.

4. Best revision app for staying focused: Forest

If you struggle with distractions while studying, then Forest is the revision app for you.

Forest is a mobile app that encourages users to stay focused by planting virtual trees (and other cute plants!) during study periods. If users succumb to distractions and leave the app, their tree withers away – a visual representation of productivity lost.

This fun approach helps students stay focused and use their time better, keeping their phone use in check for more effective study sessions. Plus, Forest has partnered with a real-tree-planting organisation to allow users to spend virtual coins they earn in Forest on planting real trees!

Forest offers two modes to suit your study style. In Timer mode, follow the Pomodoro technique to work in manageable intervals. Opt for Stopwatch mode during intense study sessions when covering extensive material is the goal.

Forest is available to download on the App Store and Google Play for just £3.99. You can also install it as a Google Chrome extension.

5. Best revision app for minimising distractions: Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey, available as a desktop app, helps students combat distractions by enabling them to block access to distracting websites and applications during designated study times. Its customisable features enable users to create their own personal block lists (including domains, YouTube channels, specific URLs, and keywords) and set specific time blocks for focused study sessions.

By creating a controlled digital environment, Cold Turkey promotes productivity and helps students concentrate solely on their revision tasks. The basic package is free and allows you to block unlimited websites. For a one-off fee of £29.00, users can gain access to more features including scheduled blocks, pomodoro timers, and allowances.

6. Best revision app for staying ahead: Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a useful task management app that helps you organise your schedule and meet deadlines efficiently. Its user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility make it a convenient tool for managing study-related tasks.

You can prioritise tasks, set reminders, and create subtasks, ensuring you stay on track with your revision goals. You can also connect Remember The Milk to your favourite apps and tools, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, and Evernote!

Remember the Milk is available free on a wide range of devices and web browsers. Want to unlock advanced features? Users can purchase a Pro subscription for $49.99 per year.

7. Best revision app for tracking exam dates: Exam Countdown

If you need a push to start revising, this app is perfect for you.

Exam Countdown is a useful tool that helps students create personalised countdowns to their exams. Input your exam dates and assign colours and icons to each subject. You’ll end up with a set of clocks counting down the years, days, hours, minutes and seconds left until each of your exams. This will enable you to plan and allocate time for revision effectively, reducing last-minute cramming and stress.

Exam Countdown revision app.

The app is free to download and use on the App Store and Google Play. For ad-free use and access to additional features including detailed notifications, synchronisation across multiple devices, and the ability to record exam results, Exam Countdown Premium is available at $4.99 billed annually.

8. Best revision app for STEM students: Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a powerful computational tool for students studying STEM subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering.

Using advanced algorithms and AI technology, Wolfram Alpha enables students to perform scientific calculations, solve complex equations, and access a vast database of information across a range of STEM disciplines. The app provides step-by-step solutions, detailed explanations, and interactive visualisations to help students grasp challenging concepts.

Wolfram Alpha is available free on a variety of web browsers and devices. For enhanced features, increased computation time, and calculator web apps, Wolfram Alpha Pro and Wolfram Alpha Premium Pro paid student plans are available.

Preparing for exams can be challenging, but revision apps can be useful tools to help students manage their study schedules, simplify complex concepts, and stay focused. We’ve highlighted eight of our favourite revision apps, but there are many more out there to explore. So, dive into the world of study apps and find the ones that work best for you!

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