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Shreyas S. Private Tutor

Shreyas S.

University of Warwick - BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Specialised in Economics)

£35/ hour


About Shreyas

Hi everyone ! My name is Shreyas and I have been tutoring for over 3 years now, helping dozens of students across Mathematics and Economics. Both of these subjects can be extremely challenging, but are pivotal, not only in gaining university places, but also in showing future employers your numerical and problem-solving ability. Having gone through the new exam system myself I aim to leverage my experience with my expertise as a tutor to provide learning that is both understandable and hugely useful to children. 

Why trust me: 

Over 3 years of tutoring experience: I started tutoring independently in my local area, teaching 4 to 7 clients on a weekly basis during my 6th form studies (GCSEs in various subjects and 1st Year A Level Economics), setting up my own practice with excellent results (all GCSE students achieved grades 7-9). Since then I have worked online for MyTutor, participating in school opportunities to tutor children falling behind in 6th form, greatly influencing my tutoring technique. I then built up my own online tutoring practice, focusing on Economics as well as teaching group classes of up to 15 for GCSE maths students weekly. I have helped multiple students achieve top grades, and results are the priority: one of my recent clients went from a C to an A in Economics after 3 months of lessons. I now tutor on PMT to deliver my skills to a wider range of clients, contributing to the company’s culture of excellence.

Why I love tutoring:

Teaching enthrals me, it is a constant challenge that is as invigorating as it is rewarding, and nothing makes me happier than helping my clients. I have long been passionate about teaching, and building my own practice over the last few years has solidified that. Knowledge has little value if it is not shared, and I take great pride in being able to use my own expertise to help those who are in a position I was once in. I understand how difficult it can feel to be behind at school, but one one-on-one guidance and support can really change that. Having a positive impact on those around me is imperative to me, and teaching allows me to merge my skills and genuine care, which I consider a privilege. 

Tutoring Style

As a student myself I can fully empathise with the hurdles children are facing and hence I have a unique understanding of what it takes for them to succeed. My teaching style aims to combine student engagement and learning in a manner that leaves students content, yet allowing them to truly understand the subject matter. Active recall plays an integral part in this; my lessons consist of frequent testing and light-hearted questioning to make sure students are digesting new information. I am extremely adaptive to each student, taking time to understand their unique needs and tailoring my lessons to have the most positive impact. Lessons with me are holistically catered to each client, helping them learn and develop the skills that will assist them in examinations. 

Tutor for 3+ years




Exam boards

SubjectLevelExam board
MathsGCSEAQA, Edexcel, Edexcel IGCSE (A), Edexcel IGCSE (B), OCR, Eduqas
EconomicsGCSEAQA, Edexcel IGCSE, OCR, CAIE
EconomicsA LevelAQA, Edexcel (A), Edexcel (B), OCR


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