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PMT Education is a non-profit education platform for students and teachers. Find out more about our journey.


Affordable crash courses for GCSE, AS & A-level and University Admissions preparation. Each course has free bursary places that level the playing field for students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to study with us.

Free Resources

Revision resources for GCSE, A-level and university entrance exams all in one place. Simple and effective resources which are personalised to your qualification and exam board.

Teachers’ Area

Join our online “staff room”: access free resources, swap lesson plans, and become part of our supportive community of teachers.

Find a Tutor

Whether you’re looking for continuous support or need a spot of firefighting before an exam, we have a network of passionate tutors who are personally interviewed and hand-picked by us.


Read our advice blogs for students, parents and teachers within the UK educational system.

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