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What makes PMT Education different?

We’re one of the leading education platforms in the UK. As an established non-profit, our resources have helped millions of students pass their exams so they can get one step closer to their dreams.

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  • Advanced whiteboard

    Our interactive experience brings online lessons to life and replicates the experience of a real classroom.

  • Recorded lessons

    Lessons are automatically recorded, so you can revisit past sessions and refresh your knowledge whenever you like.

  • Stay organised

    Stay organised and access all your learning materials in one place with your own private portal.

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Talented tutors

Talented tutors

We interview and hand-select the best tutors in the UK – only subject specialists with a passion for teaching make the grade. 

Track progress

Track progress

Our parent dashboard makes it easy to follow your child’s progress. You can even receive tutor feedback straight to your inbox.

Easy payments

Easy payments

Make secure online payments after each lesson and see past transactions at a glance to help manage your budget.

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Does private tuition work?

Yes! In our experience, one-to-one tuition can make a massive difference to a child's confidence and grades. Here are just a few of the reasons why it works.

Targeted support

Regular sessions can help target specific challenges and provide personalised support for what’s happening in class.

Prepare for exams

Use private sessions to hone exam technique, focus on areas that maximise marks and ultimately get better grades.

Boost confidence

Seeing improvements every week and achieving academic goals can inspire a love of learning and increase self-confidence.

Unlock potential

Tutoring isn’t just for students who are falling behind. Sessions can challenge high achieving students by exploring outside of the specification.

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  • Why should I get a tutor for my child?

    Whether you’re considering online or face-to-face tutoring, a private tutor can have an enormous impact on your child’s education. While every tutor brings something different to the table, they can all offer the following:


    • A personalised learning experience: Everyone learns at their own pace, in their own way. A tutor provides a tailored learning experience that plays to your child’s strengths, helps them overcome their struggles, and keeps them motivated – all of which leads to real results. What’s more, students with a private tutor typically progress much faster than they would in a traditional classroom setting – where one-on-one time with a teacher is often non-existent.


    • Focus on weaker areas: Whether it was English Language or Maths, most of us had a subject in school that we struggled with and the students of today are no different. Many parents use PMT Education to help give their child a boost in just one specific subject or area, and it’s really paid off.


    • Better exam results: Our team of tutors have taken and aced their fair share of exams (and some of our team have even worked as examiners), so they know a thing or two about getting excellent results. Whether it’s mock exams or A Levels, a tutor won’t just ensure your child is 100% prepared for exam day – they’ll make sure your child is feeling confident about it, too.


    • Flexibility: Private tutoring can be flexible enough to fit in alongside school/college, extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs, and family life. Lessons can be taken on the weekends or in the evenings, and at PMT Education we’ll never charge you if you cancel a lesson with 48 hours’ notice.


    • Personal growth: Given that school is usually the epicentre of a child’s social life, they can often be extremely distracting places. A private tutor removes those distractions, allowing your child to regain their focus, develop a desire to learn, and realise their potential.


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