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Qais M. Private Tutor

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Qais M.

Imperial College London - BSc Medicine MBBS/BSc

£45/ hour


About Qais

I have been tutoring for more than 4 years, I have worked within tuition centres - teaching a group of students, and I have also experience of delivering 1 to 1 tuition, online and inperson. Furthermore, I have been a member of medical and biomedical societies. They have provided me with the opportunity to enhance my communication skills and teaching skills through the delivery of presentations and organising events. Balancing my work, university and extra curricular commitments have allowed me to develop excellent management skills.
As a medical student, I have worked in the medical environment both in primary care and secondary care, I have interacted with healthcare professionals and academics over the years. Undertaking these activities have developed my leadership and interpersonal skills. They have also enabled me to hone my skills to teach, as this is a vital part within the medical professional, the medical field requires the capacity to work with individuals of different levels of understanding and different levels of communication skills, I am considerate of individual limitations and challenges - this translates to an individual centred approach of tutoring, which I have adopted over the years to cater for my tutees individual needs. Passionate about serving the wider society and helping the future generations. As an aspiring doctor and current 4th year Medical student in Imperial College of London, providing longitudinal service to my community has been at the core of my academic and professional pursuits.

Tutoring Style

Throughout my academic life I have experimented with different learning techniques. I have obtained a sound awareness of different learning strategies and teaching methods. As an individual with a keen love for education, I aim to encourage and foster intellectually curiosity, with my tutees. My approach in tutoring is ever evolving as I am presented with challenges regularly, it is an approach which requires constant reflection and evaluation to deliver the best service, catering to each individuals needs and preference. Firstly, it is essential to establish the student's level of understanding and knowledge. Then identify their weaknesses and strengths; proceeding with a plan on how to maximise the effect of their strengths and how to improve their weakness. My teaching is more focused on active learning, spaced repetition, linking different concepts together. Practically, this translates to a teaching schedule where a topic is introduced, student is quizzed to establish their level of understanding, identify the gaps in knowledge, active learning through questions, diagrams, retrieval of information and then providing an assessed piece of work to assess the student's progress and effectivity of this method for this specific individual. The same topic would be reassessed multiple times throughout the year: 1 month, 2 months and 3 months later after the initial teaching.
Tutor for 4+ years
3 repeat students
43 hours taught





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