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Tabitha N.

University of St Andrews - BCS Psychology

£45-55/ hour


About Tabitha

I graduated from St Andrews University with a first class degree in Psychology. I have always loved Psychology because I am fascinated by humans and love to explore why we are the way we are. I am very keen to help out as many younger students as I can and I'm able to adjust to your specific needs, everybody learns in a unique way! I find that exposing yourself to the content in lots of different formats and manipulating it yourself is the best way to ensure you consolidate it, as well as keeping yourself interested. Outside of my studies I enjoy playing for the university ultimate frisbee team, a super fun sport I discovered on starting at St Andrews. I also love art and sewing and spend my free time up-cycling thrifted clothes or drawing and painting.

Tutoring Style

I will ensure I familiarise myself with the particular specification to find out what the exam board is looking for, and tailor my tutoring accordingly. I always strive to encourage the students to set their own achievable but also ambitious goals which I can help them towards and check up on. I will work with the student to select topics and areas they need to focus the most time on and then will arrange my lesson plans to target these areas. I will provide multiple explanations to the student until they have a full grasp of each concept, and I will make the sessions as interactive as possible, checking understanding by giving the student exercises to work through and asking lots of questions. I will also provide the student with general studying tips that might help them to work more efficiently during and beyond the online lessons. I will also provide the student with ways they can further challenge themselves if they desire, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the subject. I will keep track of progress by going over previously covered topics briefly to check understanding as well as getting the student to explain concepts in their own words. I think it is important to make learning fun and engaging by varying the styles of viewing and approaching information. 

Tutor for 5+ years
3 repeat students
25 hours taught




Exam boards

SubjectLevelExam board
PsychologyGCSEAQA, Edexcel, OCR
PsychologyA LevelAQA, Edexcel, OCR, CAIE


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