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Ritchard O.

Imperial College London - BSc Material Science and Engineering

£95/ hour



About Ritchard

Hello my name is Ritchard Ouma and my main speciality and reason for being a successful tutor is in helping students to achieve high grades in upcoming exams. In the past, I have tutored a number of students before their important GCSE, A level, IB exams and their parents and guardians contacting me to help boost their results. I start by getting to know the student, the reason for their performance and organise a revision plan for the coming weeks or days. In my experience, a majority of students require guidance in exam technique and an in depth look at core concepts. I have also found that students in competitive environment under pressure can end up feeling demoralised and lose faith in their own ability. However, I believe with the right kind of encouragement and teaching, students show remarkable progress and go on to achieve A*s, As.***, or 7s.

My Experience

I have been tutoring for over 7 years and have experience of teaching in both classrooms and on one-to-one basis. I have taught a variety of subjects to a variety of age groups, clocking up 10000+ hours of tuition I've also acted as a mentor to students who have successfully applied to top independent schools and Russell Group universities, including Cambridge University, and Imperial College London. I have experience of teaching students attending a variety of schools from prestigious private schools Beneden School, to grammar schools, Bexleyheath grammar school. These experiences have allowed me to identify where students require help and which learning style to adopt. I am extremely organised and plan each lesson meticulously. I have an excellent track record of helping students achieving high grades in a very short amount of time. I have worked with a number of elite clients, with a very positive response.

Tutoring experience

I started tutoring while at high school in Budapest, Hungary. I have lived all over the world in exotic countries like Kenya, Pakistan, Hungary, and Switzerland but I had the good fortune to attend a private international school in Budapest, Hungary where I first began tutoring. While studying towards 7s in my International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, I began by tutoring my younger classmates. After moving to London to study as an engineer at Imperial College London, one of the top ten universities in the world, I began sharing my hard-won expertise in exam technique through part-time tutoring. Teaching children has become my passion and I am now a full-time professional tutor.

I started working with a number of high profile clients after getting good reviews and recommendations as well as through working with elite tutoring companies. I regularly teach students attending London’s top private schools, with excellent results.

I am a full-time professional tutor with an excellent track record helping students to achieve their academic aims.

I hope this short self-exposition has demonstrated to you that I am qualified and eager to help your child to succeed in the education and life.

Thank you for your consideration I hope to hear from you soon.

Tutoring Style

One of the main reasons for my excellent track record is that I pay close attention to my clients and provide excellent guidance. Through high level lesson plans, offer flexibility and a good understanding of my students, I help students achieve their potential. As a tutor, it is my role not just to teach but also provide students with emotional support and guidance, which in turn is seen through an improvement in their learning. My focus is always on each individual’s needs and in this way I have helped numerous students make sense of subjects that were previously a mystery to them. Both parents and pupils alike have described me as ‘enthusiastic, ‘passionate’ and ‘inspiring’ – a reflection of the energy and professionalism I endeavour to bring to all of my sessions.
Tutor for 7+ years
8 repeat students
143 hours taught





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