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Pippa A. Private Tutor

Pippa A.

Southampton University - BSc Oceanography ( Chem) with geology

£50/ hour

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About Pippa


I have been a chemistry teacher for more than 25 years. I have worked in state and private schools, FE colleges and on Adult HE courses.
I have also been an examiner for AQA and a head of department. I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise so even the most reluctant student can make great progress. 

Tutoring Style

Hi, welcome to online tutoring. How I work is that I will ask which specification the student is studying and use this to inform me of what is required by the exam board. I will then either teach this online, using PowerPoint or a shared whiteboard, where the student can either sit back and listen as the tutorials are recorded or make notes as we go. Having been a head of chemistry for many years, I can explain a concept in multiple ways that usually results in that light bulb moment. Once taught, the hope then, is to move onto an exam style questions together, and the student and I can explore how this concept is examined. Further along the tutorials the student themself becomes more independent and practises exam questions in their free time, only bringing those parts they could not do, to tutorial. The hope is that with expert tuition and exam style practise the student will make great progress and also learn study skills. High Performance Learners are those that can take risks, learn from mistakes and apply techniques of self management through marking of their work. An A level in chemistry is certainly a real accolade and universities and employers alike, recognise its significance in producing academic yet empathic learners.

Please do message me, as updating availability can be tricky and you may want bespoke times to suit the student. 

Tutor for 10+ years
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