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Patrick S. Private Tutor

Patrick S.

University of Durham - MEng General Engineering

£59/ hour

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About Patrick

Hello! I’m Patrick, a passionate educator with a rich academic background, including completing a PGCE from Cambridge (as an Institute of Physics teaching scholar) and a Masters in Electronic Engineering from Durham. I want to help you get the most out of these invaluable years of education by using my many years of both academic and teaching experience to help you achieve your goals!

My tutoring journey, which has included almost 1000 hours of professional experience, began with mentoring my younger brother and assisting friends. This evolved into a full-time dedication, where I constantly refine my methods to offer unparalleled support in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and more. Whether you're tackling GCSEs, A-Levels, or university courses, I'm here to guide you to academic success and beyond. Tutoring is not just my full-time job, but is my personal passion, and I am every day researching and developing new methods of honing my practice to give my students the best possible support in reaching their academic goals!

Tutoring Style

Learning is a journey best shared. While taught lessons in the classroom and independent study are both important ways of achieving solid learning, the advantage of quality, face-to-face tutoring is absolutely indispensable. My lessons are a blend of warm mentorship and rigorous academic focus, tailored to your personal and exam goals. I emphasise understanding core concepts, while also honing exam techniques to ensure you're not just prepared, but confident and insightful when facing your exams.

My lessons are always keenly focused on the end goal - the final exam. While our sessions will involve intimate exploration of the core concepts and fundamental principles required to fully grasp the course content, my approach to teaching includes considerable focus of exam practice and technique. This enables my students to face their exams with the confidence that they understand more than just the baseline content of the subject - they know exactly what the examiner is looking for in their answers, and are able to maximise their marks regardless of what the final exam may throw at them. 

Beyond just face-to-face sessions, I offer comprehensive support including homework marking, personalised advice, and effective revision strategies. Let's embark on this educational journey together, where your goals become our shared mission!

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