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Ope J.

University of York - MSc Green Chemistry

£58/ hour


About Ope

Hi, I'm Ope, I have been an experienced tutor since 2010, solely focusing on offering quality tailored tutoring online since 2016. I am a Masters graduate (MSc in Green Chemistry) from the University of York BSc Chemistry with Biochemistry from Queen Mary University of London (both Russell Group universities). I used to tutor Biology as well but now just specialise in Chemistry, and if you struggle with organic chemistry, you're in luck, because it's my favourite!

I am passionate about helping students succeed and do better than they thought possible.

I am aware that many students study with the concept of the sciences, especially Chemistry. The pressure can be daunting for a teen and I want to be able to make people `see` in a scientific way, be able to bring understanding so that they can take on any examination and achieve the grades they desire.

Tutoring Style

I have been tutoring online since 2016 (way before the pandemic!) and I use virtual online classrooms equipped with chat function, document/picture upload, graph function, math/science symbols etc and can be edited in real time - writing, typing, drawing. For students focusing on exam prep, I generally work with you on the topics you find most challenging first as opposed to just going through the curriculum. In this way, my sessions are more targeted.

I typically work with exam-style questions after a short session of teaching/revision, but I can focus more one way depending on your needs. I usually leave a short bit of work to be done as an assignment based on what we`ve done in the session which you can do at any time on the board after the session. We`ll also do a little recap at the start of a new session.

Tutor for 10+ years
13 repeat students
102 hours taught





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