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James T. Private Tutor

James T.

University of Bristol - MSc Nuclear Physics and Engineering

£75/ hour


About James

Hi there. Whether you're looking to get the highest grades reach the top universities or just need to get that 5 to pass and pursue another interest, together we can achieve your goal. I've been tutoring maths and physics for 4 years while I've been at university. Over that time I've helped around 20 different students in getting the grades they needed to move on to their career, their uni of choice, or even to Oxbridge. 

A little about me. I completed my levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics 5 years ago, and since then have earned a Masters degree in Nuclear Physics and Bachelors degree in Materials Engineering. Currently I'm pursuing a PhD at Oxford looking at neutron irradiation damage in superconducting magnets. I also love sea swimming, playing the piano (badly), and training jiu-jitsu.

If you're looking for any form of maths or physics tutoring please feel free to reach out :)

Tutoring Style

In our lessons we'll normally start with a brief recap of the previous or one of the recent lessons - to keep on top of what we've been studying. Then the main lesson will start with focusing on breaking down a topic to the fundamentals that are required to understand it. Often this will mean taking some time to study some underlying or required mathematics. If we're studying forces or projectile motion, for example, then we'll check we understand trigonometry and pythagoras before. We'll spend about half of the lesson talking and thinking together through some examples on the topic (resolving some velocities and setting up our suvat equations, in this example). The final half of the lesson will be for you to tackle progressively difficult questions on the topic - with my help as and when you need it. A quick recap of the key points, principles and equations we've learnt at the end and that's a wrap.

Every lesson will be based on what you've been covering at school, your own preference, or your weaker areas. The sessions are focused around you so we can always work together to choose the topics to work on. 

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