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George B.

University of Warwick - MMath Mathematics

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About George

(Tuition is a major commitment. Please make sure to read my profile in full to make an informed decision.)
Hello! I'm George, a University of Warwick graduate with a first-class Master of Mathematics degree. I offer tailored weekly sessions, ideal for students serious about committing time & effort to their long-term success.

• Tutoring Experience. With over 9,500 hours of one-on-one online maths tuition since 2015, I stand as one of the most experienced private maths tutors in the profession. As an early adopter of online tutoring, I have spent many years refining my sessions for the online environment. This continuous improvement has enabled me to create tutorials that are adaptable to each student's needs and level while remaining engaging, efficient, and effective.

• Tutor Rapport. Having mentored over 250 students at various academic stages in the UK and internationally, I have vast experience building strong, productive relationships with students and parents. The value and trust they place in my tuition are reflected in my high student retention rate, with most opting for weekly tuition until their final exams, averaging over 30 sessions per student.

• Subject Specialisation. Rather than spreading my efforts across many subjects, levels, and exam boards, I have chosen to focus on what I am genuinely passionate about: A-level Maths and Further Maths. All 9,500+ hours of tutorials taught have been for Maths. This singular focus allows me to devote all my time to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the curricula, producing tailored resources, and delivering top-notch lessons for my specialist subject.

• Subject Expert. My comprehensive understanding of Maths and Further Maths covers all modules: pure mathematics, statistics, mechanics, and decision mathematics. During tutorials, students often make spontaneous requests, relying on their tutor for immediate support. My extensive knowledge and thorough preparation enable me to adapt to their requests on the spot rather than postpone them until the next session (although a heads-up is always appreciated!).

• Exam Boards. With extensive teaching experience covering various domestic and international exam boards, I focus on helping students thoroughly understand the curriculum and refine exam techniques. I have taught and possess textbooks for the following exam boards:

◦ Edexcel     ◦ OCR (A)   ◦ AQA
◦ Edexcel (IAL)  ◦ OCR MEI (B)  ◦ WJEC

I am well-versed in the subtle differences between each exam board for A-level Maths, ensuring focused and relevant instruction. 

Qualifications. I graduated from the University of Warwick, renowned for having one of the top maths departments in the UK. I achieved an 84% in my Master of Mathematics degree, placing me among the top graduates in my cohort. This reflects my strong academic background and profound understanding of the subject. In addition, I obtained top grades in my A-Levels: A*A*A*A (A* in Maths and Further Maths).

How I Work:

• Full-Time Tutor. As a full-time tutor, my entire focus is dedicated to the success of my students. With no other commitments, I can provide my students with reliable, around-the-clock, individualised support until their final exam.

• Weekly Tutorials. I offer fixed weekly slots to a select few students each year, integrating tutorials into their regular weekly routine. The A-level Maths syllabus is vast, spanning over 1,000 textbook pages of interlinked, cumulative content. A long-term, continuous commitment is essential for staying on track and making steady progress. Consequently, I do not take on clients seeking fortnightly tutorials or sporadic one-off sessions, as they do not have as significant of an impact.

⏰ Availability. My daily tutoring slots are as follows:

◦ 2:00 pm - 2:55 pm      
◦ 3:00 pm - 3:55 pm      
◦ 4:00 pm - 4:55 pm      
◦ 5:00 pm - 5:55 pm
◦ 6:30 pm - 7:25 pm
◦ 7:30 pm - 8:25 pm
◦ 8:30 pm - 9:25 pm

Please note that each tutorial lasts 55 minutes. I require 5 minutes between sessions to send resources, provide feedback, and make final preparations for my following tutorial. Please refer to the timetable at the bottom of the page to view available time slots.

• My Rate. Over the past decade, I have taught numerous topics more than a hundred times. Through this extensive experience, I have optimised my tutorial preparation by building a resource library that thoroughly covers every syllabus topic. This efficiency helps me save significant time on tutorial preparation, enabling me to offer greater availability and competitive pricing. My rate, which reflects my expertise, services, and success, will remain fixed, even during busy exam periods.

•  DBS. I am a DBS-checked tutor.

Tutoring Style

Mathematics is not a spectator sport. My tutorials are not watching slides of a PowerPoint for an hour. Learning happens when students apply and challenge themselves. In my sessions, students will be actively engaged, attempting examples, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes.

• Tutorial Structure. Each session focuses on one or two specific topics where students need the most support, identified from their assigned homework or schoolwork. Here's how a typical tutorial is structured:

◦ Begin by addressing any issues from the previous session's homework.
◦ Introduce necessary definitions and methods.
◦ Illustrate key concepts with clear, simple examples.
◦ Students practice mathematically similar problems to build procedural fluency.
◦ Progress to more advanced problems to deepen understanding and connections.
◦ Conclude with homework and feedback.

• Homework. Tutorials are just one half of the service I offer. Due to the limited time in tutorials, students must continue applying and challenging themselves independently outside of lessons. Homework is a core part of my tutoring program and is closely monitored, with regular completion updates provided to parents. My homework has two components:

Topic Worksheets. These worksheets build procedural fluency and consolidate discussed concepts. Unlike generic online worksheets, these align with the specific learning objectives of the tutorial, enabling me to track progress and address any gaps in subsequent lessons.

Low-Stakes Quiz. These weekly quizzes include a variety of topics and offer three key benefits:

 - Spaced Retrieval: Regularly revisiting and testing knowledge at increasing intervals has been shown to enhance long-term memory retention.
- Interleaving: Mixed problems help students become more adaptable in selecting appropriate methods.
- Topic Identification: Pinpointing the areas where students need improvement.

• Feedback. Parents receive regular updates after each tutorial, highlighting relevant aspects such as topic progression, engagement, homework completion, strengths, and any areas needing attention.

Resources. Over the past decade of online tutoring, I have built a resource bank of over 20,000 questions, categorised by topic, concept, and difficulty. This extensive collection ensures that I can offer immediate, targeted practice materials tailored to each student's needs, whether they are beginning a new topic or striving to excel at the highest levels. 

• Mistakes Are Key. Mistakes are a vital part of learning. With extensive one-to-one experience, I've likely addressed your concerns and misconceptions before! My students can confidently express their thoughts and ask for help, knowing any errors they make will be used constructively to enhance their understanding.

• Practice Papers. During exam season, I compile bespoke practice papers for Paper 2 for my Edexcel Maths and Further Maths students. By analysing the content from their first exam, I ensure these practice papers cover only the topics that have yet to be assessed. This targeted approach helps make my students' revision more efficient and effective. Feedback from past students has been overwhelmingly positive, significantly boosting their confidence in the exam hall. Additionally, I cater to AQA, OCR, and OCR MEI exams with similar focused materials.

• Calculators. I often see students unaware of their calculator's advanced features and unsure about when they are allowed to use them in exams. Efficient calculator use saves time, reduces errors, and helps verify solutions. To assist students, I have invested in calculators commonly used across schools, including:

◦ Classwiz fx-991EX        ◦ fx-CG50
◦ Classwiz fx-991CW      ◦ Numworks 
◦ TI-Nspire

• Equipment. Tutoring is my business, and I have invested in high-quality equipment to provide a professional experience, ensuring excellent sound quality and no distracting background noise.

Getting Started:

• Student Requirements. I can only take on a limited number of students each year. Therefore, I seek students who demonstrate:

Intrinsic Motivation: A genuine desire to learn and improve.
Ownership of Learning: Being prepared and actively participating.
Commitment: Dedicating about an hour each week to completing homework.
Realistic Expectations: Working towards practical and achievable long-term goals.

• First Message. When you request your first lesson, don't leave me in the dark—send a message introducing yourself! For example, you could mention:

◦ Your name and a brief background.
◦ The exam board and course you are on.
◦ Specific topics or concepts you are struggling with.
◦ Your current level in the subject.
◦ Any immediate goals (e.g. upcoming tests).
◦ Any long-term goals (e.g. recommended target grade).
◦ Your preferred timings and frequency of sessions.
◦ Any questions about my tuition.

This information will enable me to formulate a personalised plan to guide you towards your academic goals. I may also set an initial worksheet to gauge your current progress and use it to refine the plan accordingly.


• "Can we book a free trial or free meeting?"
◦ PMT does not offer free trials, but we can schedule a one-off paid introductory tutorial. This session will give you a firsthand experience of my teaching style, helping you make an informed decision before committing to weekly sessions.

• "Can I contact you by email/phone?"
◦ No. Following safeguarding guidelines, all contact must take place on PMT.

• "Sorry for missing today's tutorial. Is it possible to get a refund?"
◦ Unfortunately, I cannot provide a refund for missed sessions. This fee covers my expertise, preparation, and time. Professional tutors typically do not offer refunds for no-shows because the time could have been allocated to another student if given advanced notice. To help avoid missed sessions, I offer regular weekly slots. This consistency helps students stay organised and reduces the chances of missing a tutorial.

• "Can you guarantee my target grade?"
◦ No tutor can honestly make this claim—especially without meeting the student. It is crucial to set realistic expectations. Tutoring is a catalyst, accelerating learning, but it is not a miracle cure. As your tutor, I will provide individualised support, resources, and guidance to help you achieve your best. However, your grade will ultimately reflect the effort and dedication you invest in your studies. While the achievements of my past students do not assure your results, I have seen how mutual hard work and commitment can yield phenomenal outcomes.

Tutor for 9+ years
65 repeat students
1000+ hours taught




Exam boards

SubjectLevelExam board
MathsA LevelAQA, Edexcel, OCR (A), OCR (B) - MEI, Edexcel IAL, WJEC
Further MathsA LevelAQA, Edexcel, OCR (A), OCR (B) - MEI


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