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George B.

University of Warwick - MMath Mathematics

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About George

⏰ Limited Weekly Times Remaining (UK Time) ⏰:
Mon: 2pm, 4pm. Tues: 3pm, 4pm. Thu: 2pm. Fri: 2pm, 3pm. Sat: 8:30pm. Sun: 4pm.

📖 About Me 📖
Hello! I’m George, a University of Warwick graduate with a 1st-class Master of Mathematics (MMath) degree. I have devoted eight years to building a thriving online tutoring career, exclusively tutoring maths. I provide weekly, long-term tutorials to support students who desire to improve and succeed (and are willing to put in the time and work required!)

  I have catered to the individual learning needs of over 250 students across a diverse spectrum of abilities. In total, I have delivered more than 8500 hours of personalised one-to-one Maths tutorials, making me one of the most experienced online private maths tutors in the UK. I joined PMT last year to grow my tutoring business and provide top-notch tutorials to even more students!

 I possess comprehensive knowledge of all content for A-Level Maths and A-Level Further Maths and substantial experience in tutoring for all the major exam boards (domestic and international) such as Edexcel, AQA, OCR and OCR MEI. I can gladly offer tuition in all areas of A-level Maths that you find challenging, including Pure, Statistics, Mechanics, and Decision.

 I graduated from the University of Warwick, known for having one of the top maths departments in the UK. I achieved an 84% in my Master of Mathematics degree, placing me among the top graduates in my cohort, reflecting my strong academic background and deep understanding of the subject. Additionally, I achieved top grades in my A-Levels: A*A*A*A (A* in Maths and Further Maths).

 I am a DBS-verified tutor.

💼 How I Work 💼

  I tutor full-time! My tutoring hours are:

▸ 9am - 12pm
▸ 3pm - 6pm
▸ 6:30pm - 9:30pm

  I make organising tutorials easy by offering fixed, consistent weekly bookings; when you reserve a weekly time that works for you, no one else can take it (provided it gets regularly used)!

 Please refer to my timetable below to view the available time slots that have not yet been reserved. Click "View more slots" to see the morning slots available.

⏰ My tutorials are 55 minutes per session. I often have back-to-back lessons, so I'll need a few minutes to get ready for my next tutorial.

 Many tutors offer their services in multiple subjects and at various levels. I have instead chosen to concentrate solely on tutoring A-Level Maths. This specialisation allows me to provide an exceptional learning experience to my students and teach a subject I am truly passionate about.

Tutoring Style

 As a tutor, I have developed excellent working relationships with hundreds of students. My students feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and seeking guidance without fear of criticism for not having all the answers. Instead, I treat mistakes as learning opportunities: they guide our sessions by identifying areas that can be improved.

🧑‍🏫 My Tutorials 🧑‍🏫

  I have found that students often face difficulties in solving questions because they do not yet strongly grasp the fundamental concepts that underpin them. Drawing on my decade of experience in mathematics, I have acquired a variety of strategies to help establish the necessary foundations. Teaching these methods by explicit instruction has proven successful in helping my students approach problems more systematically and effectively. Consequently, this has enabled them to tackle mathematical challenges with greater ease and bolstered confidence.

 I understand that my students will all be at different stages of their learning journey, so I adjust my tutorials accordingly. I have invested significant time and effort into creating and curating an extensive range of resources. Whether it be foundational materials for building crucial fundamental skills or more advanced problems to foster a deeper conceptual understanding, my resources are customised to meet the unique needs of every student.

 The primary focus of my tutorials generally falls into one of three categories:

▸ Target areas of your course where you would like to see progress.
▸ Examine specific questions that you are finding challenging.
▸ Analyse past paper problems to detect, isolate, and address areas of difficulty.

🧱 Tutorial Structure 🧱

▸ At the start of tutorials, we briefly review the material covered in the previous session.
▸ We start laying the groundwork with any relevant definitions, theories, and methods needed for the session.
▸ Key concepts will be illustrated using simple and informative examples.
▸ Students will have the chance to check their understanding by attempting mathematically similar problems.
▸ As we progress, the difficulty will gradually increase.
▸ Problems may involve multiple steps, incorporation of previously learned topics, or novel situations where the theory can be applied.

 Learning happens when students apply and challenge themselves. I aim to create an environment that encourages this mindset. However, I will emphasise that it is just as vital for students to apply and challenge themselves beyond our sessions. As a result, I always send additional resources after tutorials to help students practice the content independently and consolidate what they have learned. Indeed, those who consistently attempt these resources often tend to be the top performers! If any difficulties arise, students are encouraged to share them during the next tutorial, as it will enable me to identify and resolve any gaps in knowledge.

  Throughout my years of tutoring, I have assisted many students in acquiring impressive results. I have had the pleasure of teaching some exceptionally diligent and committed students who consequently achieved significant grade improvements (e.g. B to an A*, grade 5 to a grade 8).

Tutor for 8+ years
51 repeat students
1000+ hours taught





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