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Aryan B.

Imperial College London - MSc Digital Chemistry

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About Aryan

I have been tutoring for over 5 years. Over the course of this time, I have completed several hundreds of hours helping students of different ages in Science and Mathematics, both with companies and privately. Leveraging my strong academic background, I teach students both the subject content to improve their understanding of the theory as well as help them improve their exam technique by teaching how to properly apply their knowledge in an exam context. I have helped all my students go up by least 2 grade brackets, helping them understand and achieve things they didn't initially believe they could, and the abundant experience I have gained has only strengthend my passion for teaching.

Tutoring Style

I try to make my lessons as engaging as possible, where I use the interactive whiteboard that updates in realtime and allows writing/drawing by both me and the student. I am a strong believer of learning from your mistakes, and thus make sure to use positive reinforcement in my lessons, using any mistakes as an opportunity to learn. For content that is harder to comprehend, I like to make use of analogies and real-life examples to help explain, which I have found to really help students understand certain content. My teaching style combines visual, auditory, kinesthetic and linguistic aspects to provide an all-round learning experience that caters to all types of students.

I generally start my sessions with a conversation where I ask student questions about the topic they would like to study to get an idea of their knowledge and comprehension of the theory. From there, I use a portion of the lesson to explain the less understood content, using a combination of speech, text and diagrams. I constantly check-in with the student during my sessions to make sure they are understanding the content being delivered and that the pace is not too fast or slow.

Once the student is satisfied with the content and has a good level of understanding, I would use the rest of that session to consolidate the students knowledge using exam-style questions that we would work through together. Sometimes, I may use questions to aid explanations of the content (where more relevant).

Tutor for 5+ years
7 repeat students
74 hours taught



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