Student Safeguarding Concern Form

This form is used for reporting both suspicions and disclosures of possible abuse or causes of concern; therefore, not all sections may be appropriate. Please complete with as much information as possible. This information will be treated in the strictest confidence, however, the information contained within this form may be shared with appropriate agencies.

If you believe this is an emergency and you believe someone is at immediate risk, please ring the Designated Safeguarding Lead on 07765535315.

Student Safeguarding Concern Form

Details of Person Reporting Concern

Description of Incident

This log of concern relates to the safeguarding of a … (please tick)
Are you reporting your own concern/suspicion or are you reporting information that a student has disclosed to you?

Details of Safeguarding Concern

Has this safeguarding concern arisen during a specific lesson?

Additional Details

Have you spoken to the child or young person about your concern

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