Incident Report Form: Tutor Conduct

Here at PMT Education, keeping students safe and happy during lessons is our number one priority. You can consult our safeguarding policy to see what we expect from our tutors during lessons.

If you believe a tutor has acted inappropriately, or a student has disclosed information to you about one of our tutors, please let us know immediately. Every online lesson is recorded, so we’ll be able to investigate quickly, fully and fairly. This information will be treated in the strictest confidence and the tutor will not be notified if you report them. However, they may be informed that a report has been filed by the PMT Education team if we investigate further.

Please complete with as much information as possible.

Incident Report Form: Tutor Conduct

Personal Details

Are you reporting the concern on behalf of someone else, i.e. your child?

Description of Incident/Concern

Is there a specific lesson where the incident occurred?
Time of the incident/concern

Other Details

Has this safeguarding concern arisen during a specific lesson?

Additional Details

Has the child or young person concerned made a disclosure (told you what happened)?
Have you spoken to the child or young person concerned?
Have you consulted anyone else about this concern?

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