Maths Skills for A Level Physics Course – Online

Course Information

Course Description

This one-day online course will cover all the mathematical knowledge and skills students need for their Physics A Level exams. After completing this course, students will feel confident in their abilities to solve a wide variety of mathematical problems, from error calculations to solving equations.

Students often struggle with the Maths side of A Level Sciences, particularly if their other chosen subjects are Arts or Humanities-based. Our tutor will teach students the methods they need to tackle maths questions with ease and help them understand the underlying concepts behind each step.

This improved comprehension will help pupils recall the steps, making them less likely to make mistakes in the future. The simple methods taught will save time in exams and can be applied to questions of any difficulty level. The skills acquired during the course will leave students feeling confident and prepared to excel in the coming year.

Suitable for:

  • Year 12 students
  • Year 13 students
  • Students looking to cover the mathematical knowledge and skills required for their course.
  • Students looking to review subject knowledge

If you need help deciding if you will benefit from this course you can contact us. Alternatively, you may prefer to book 1-2-1 tuition instead.

Structure of the Day

Time 9:30am - 4:30pm

Classes are from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Registration starts from 9.15am.

There will be a 1 hour lunch break and a couple of 10 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon

Session 1
Algebra and Arithmetics – Units of Measurement, Standard Form and Significant Figures, Rearranging Equations and Quadratics
Session 2
Geometry and Trigonometry – Resolving Vectors into Components, Pythagoras Theorem and SOHCAHTOA, Converting Degrees and Radians
12.30 - 13.30
Session 3
Graphs – Finding Gradients and Areas for Straight Line Graphs, Plotting Tangents for Curves, the Difference Between Instantaneous and Average Rates
Session 4
Measurements and Uncertainties – Precision, Repeatability, Reproducibility, Resolution and Accuracy. Combination of Absolute and Percentage Uncertainties

Our Tutors

Our Physics tutors are qualified teachers and receive consistently good feedback from students. Their expert knowledge and fresh teaching approach will help everything click into place.

Darren K.

Darren K.

Darren completed a BSc in Theoretical Physics at the University of York, before taking on an MSc in Theoretical Physics at the University of Glasgow ­– the latter awarding him with a postgraduate excellence scholarship.

After exploring a variety of career paths, including engineering, Darren eventually settled on teaching and hasn’t looked back. Since becoming a teacher and A Level maths and physics tutor, he’s acquired a wealth of experience working across different school contexts and exam boards. He’s currently completing an MA in Leadership in Learning, to further his skills even more.

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