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Taeyeon K.

UCL - BSc Applied Medical Sciences

£65/ hour


About Taeyeon

I am currently studying at UCL, one of the best universities, for Applied Medical Sciences (currently achieving first class 75%). Yet, I also am a young tutor who considers social values and creating experiences with the students continuously is important for me.

Past student Placement & Final Grade (after tuition) : Oxford Biology - Biology A* (from A); 

                                                                                         UCL Pharmacology - Chemistry A (from D); 

                                                                                         Glasgow Microbiology Biology A (from B); 

                                                                                         Birmingham Law - Biology & Maths As (from B)

I am a diligent and hard-working person who enjoys bringing new facts and contents into the minds of other people and adore helping, developing someone else’s potentials by sharing mine. As I am full of wonder, I relish taking an adventure within the study of almost any field and I aim to spread this positivity and my knowledge through teaching and mentoring students in an innovative way. Especially for those who aren’t able to advance academically in an optimal pace, I am ready to commit myself to support them with all my will. I serve friendly behaviour and bring upon optimistic attitude to any task, am very responsible and organisational, manipulate skills developed from hobbies, am self-disciplined, am punctual. Not only I wish to build my competencies but I also hope for those who I mentor to develop their own self-esteem, confidence and perseverance to fulfil their own aspirations.

I am someone who have academically succeeded highly with 11A*s and 1 A in my GCSE subjects and 4A*s in my A-Level subjects. I have participated in UKMT (UK Mathematics Challenge) every year in my secondary school years, achieving Gold awards throughout with the nomination of being the first in the whole school. I also challenged myself through Chemistry and Physics Olympiads, which required high level of A-Level study content knowledge plus more in depth of that during my A-Level studies, achieving High Bronze awards also. Not only I am determined to excel greatly academically but I enjoy hobbies that are based on creativity: DIY craft and art, piano, dancing, sport, ballet.

I tutor Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics all up to the A-Level standards.

I have taught various age groups from 5 to 24 from being a school tutor to privately helping out others in need regardless of age, as nothing is ever too late, held responsibility as a School Ambassador and volunteered as a Reader Leader who helps those who struggle reading and understanding the story with success.

Tutoring Style

 My mentoring sessions are carried out in innovative ways to find the best route for my mentees. My main aim is to develop my tutee’s self-esteem, confidence and perseverance to fulfil their own aspirations tracing a successive transition in their grades.

My teaching methodology is flexible to efficiently carry tutoring session suited for each individual. I collate useful resources in the most appropriate way for individual's own learning styles. However, my teaching always involves asking about and going through the struggling content clearly then is based on factual or application questionnaires to check upon the students' understanding then involves various interactive activities such as quiz, mix-match to engage the learning, depending on their needs. Through my interactive tutor sessions, my tutees always develop their confidence, self-esteem and their competencies.

I deliver contents with tolerance and patience all the time to introduce new harder concepts and to help with understanding. For example, I embed simple terminologies and associate alike example situations for comparison to ease the hard contents. My communication competency is evolved whilst discovering the students’ difficulty and preferred revision methods, also, making my tuition more approachable and comforting.

I have conducted my tutor sessions based on creativity of my hobbies such as art, which always worked absolutely well and am happy to do so if necessary. I alter the way how I presented the resources so they suited the students’ own learning attitude appropriately. As I am a bright person, I am always self-driven to optimally deliver the learning with them and am very tolerant for any issue with a strong resilience to fully engage students who lack motivation, until the end.

Tutor for 4+ years
46 repeat students
316 hours taught





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