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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who can sign up?

    Our Teachers’ Area is exclusive to teachers. We think it’s important to create a space where teachers can share and access resources without having to worry about students using them or individuals lifting them to sell on other platforms. Furthermore, our teachers-only policy enables a teacher community to grow.

    We operate a strict sign-up process where a user’s status as a teacher will be personally authenticated by our team before they are given an account.
  • How does verification work?

    We ask teachers to sign up using their school email address. We also require supporting documentation, such as a photo of your teacher ID card or a screenshot of your name on a school staff list.
  • How can I download a resource?

    You will need to sign up to be able to download a resource. Our team will verify your status as a teacher. We aim to do this within a day. Until you are verified you will be limited to two resource downloads.
  • How do I upload a resource?

    Once you are signed up, uploading a resource is easy. Simply select your files, describe your resource and specify subject, level, exam board and resource type and click ‘Publish’.
  • I’d love to blog for PMT Education. How do I submit a piece?

    Get in touch with us using our contact form.