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Why should I tutor with PMT Education?

As educators ourselves, we know the kinds of tools, support, and incentives tutors need in order to deliver their best work – so we provide exactly that.

1. Low Commission

While teaching is often a labour of love, money matters and you’ve got bills to pay. For that reason, we keep our commission nice and low at just 18%. As such, PMT Education tutors typically earn more with us than they would on other tutoring platforms, where the standard commission rate can be as high as 25%. We don’t think that’s fair.

2. More Students

Our free revision resources are used by a whopping one million students each month – a number that doubles during the summer exam period. So as a tutor for PMT, you’ll have access to a huge student body. And more students means more bookings.

3. Unique Virtual Classroom

Who needs bricks and mortar? Our innovative virtual classroom comes fully equipped with an array of tools and resources to make lessons more efficient and engaging for everyone. These range from automatically recorded lessons, which students can replay whenever they want to revise, to organisational tools designed to make lesson planning and teaching quicker for tutors. What’s more, it’s all super easy to use.

4. Virtual Whiteboard

Our interactive whiteboard works in real-time, making lessons more natural, productive, and enjoyable for everyone. Simple to use with an intuitive interface, it features a built-in media player for streaming educational YouTube videos, as well as LaTeX; a nifty tool that makes writing maths equations as easy as pi.

5. Supportive Community

When you join PMT you won’t just become a name and a picture on a profile – you’ll become a fully-fledged member of our professional team. As such, we’ll always take the time to address any issues you might have, while supporting your growth as a tutor along the way.

6. Trust

Thanks to our top-notch tutors and the brilliant results they help our students achieve, PMT Education has become a highly trusted platform among parents and guardians. When you work for us, that same trust is extended to you as a tutor.

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