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How can I get more bookings?

There are lots of factors that affect how frequently a tutor receives bookings, these can include:

  • Your profile: Since it’s the first impression a parent or potential student has of you, you need to make your profile the best it can be. If you think it isn’t helping you get the bookings it should be, you can find tips for optimising it here.
  • Ratings and reviews: There’s nothing quite as tried and true as a star-based rating system. Or lots of glowing reviews. If you’re a good tutor that works often, you’ll get good ratings and reviews, and consequently more bookings.
  • Our algorithm: Working in tandem with our rating system, our unique algorithm calculates which tutors are the best-reviewed and most responsive for their hourly rate, and then ranks them accordingly in our search results.
  • Your hourly rate: As well as affecting where our algorithm ranks you, your hourly rate can attract bookings, or repel them. While we certainly don’t recommend undercutting every other tutor and working for peanuts (being perceived as too cheap can also be a negative), we do advise that you make your hourly rate somewhat competitive. You can get a feel for what other tutors like you charge by searching for those with similar qualifications and skills.
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